我们所做的事情影响着人们, communities and the world – and never more so than now as our world faces unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


这一流行病以广泛的方式改变了我们的世界, 从旅游到贸易, 从卫生系统到社会平等, 数字化到网络安全, 从全球化到城市化.

是有远见的, 思想家, 实干家, we're challenging the accepted and working with clients on both the seen and surprising ways that things are changing.

Our reimagined solutions drive resilient outcomes now through the pandemic to what comes next as the world changes and we face other unprecedented challenges.

今天的挑战. 我们用独特的方式挑战公认的东西, using our expertise and knowledge to rethink the way we solve problems.

重塑明天. 结果, from the innovations we build for our clients to the positive impact our solutions have on the world.

Our leading experts are thinking differently about the changing road ahead, what to expect and how to plan and how to adapt and thrive by 交付弹性项目.

Read the statement from our Chair and CEO on our COVID-19 actions




健康 & 生命科学

当涉及到卫生系统和生命科学, 我们会提供最好的照顾,这样你也能照顾好自己.

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